SpinDip Match

Excel Effects
Excel Effects

Dynamic Data Tools

Trend Analysis Report

Analyze data across specific periods of time.

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The Row and Column Analyzer

Why go through the trouble of creating a row or column chart, when it is already done, for you?
Not only that, we included some bells and whistles to muscle-up your chart.

Presentation Technologies (PresTech)

Make that presentation pop!

Step-Timeline Template

What a way to show progression. Keep moving up!

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The Pentagons

Creatively show information and data in a structured manner.

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4-Piece Cat Collection

Elegant customizable presentation artwork for cat lovers.

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The Vintage Stuff

Yearly Calendar Tool

Select years from 1900 to 2400. And, you can add holidays, birthdays, and other special dates.

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Wingding Match

Wingding Match was designed to actually help you relax. Basically, it is similar to concentration, with a twist. Have fun!

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