Data Visualization Projects

Below are some of the data visualization projects we developed for clients in various industries. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas for your own projects.

The Projects

Top Ten Sales

A client in the cosmetics retail industry wanted to display their top ten sales across the United States. Originally, they had a data sheet with a pie chart. We decided to convert their data into a geographic model, which they can visualize in a more creative and analytical manner.

Top Ten Sales - Before
For analytical purposes, this chart is not too bad. It gets the point across. However, when you work with pie charts, it is better to have between 2 and 6 categories. Our Good Practices in Pie Chart Design style guide dives deeper into pie chart design.
Top Ten Sales - After
Since we were dealing with geographic information, we decided to create a map outlining the top-ten sales. In addition, we included a five-year sales history along with their percentages and rankings. Furthermore, we added incremental shading for each state in the top ten.

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