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A face is not just a face anymore.

Excel Effects - Dynamic Faces - A Face is not a Face Anymore

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Dynamic Faces (or Faces) measures data with a face. Essentially, it is a visual facial chart to use in various aspects of reporting and presentation technologies. Furthermore, this tool will enhance your work and impress your clients.

Faces user friendly interface enables you to create charts quickly and easily. In addition, we kept it as simple as possible. Simply plug in your numbers, generate the chart, and focus on other areas of production.

Excel Effects Features

Input Box and Slider Control

The input box and slider control is what really controls the chart. Basically, this is where you enter your values, as a number from 0 to 100. The main difference is that if you manually type in a number, you can use decimals, such as 43.6. With the slider, the number is displayed as a whole number, like 43.

In general, use the slider to quickly display a value or just to play around with the chart.

Linking to Other Cells

You can also link to other cells with Faces. Just make sure, instead of 100%, you link as 100. The link option allows you to have a value on the sheet that may change based on some sort of activity. Very good if you want to add a dynamic aspect to the tool.

Excel Effects Color

At the moment, Faces has three color options—blue, green, and pink.

Excel Effects - Dynamic Faces - Blue

Excel Effects - Dynamic Faces - Green

Excel Effects - Dynamic Faces - Pink

Value and Border Options

The value and border options are toggles that show or hide the value or the border surrounding Faces.

What You Get

The Gender Analyzer Tool
Image of the Face


Input box
Slider control
Color selector
Show value option
Show border option


Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or compatible.
Note: A version for Microsoft Excel 2003 is also included.

Contact Us

Support: support@exceleffects.com
General: info@exceleffects.com

Download Dynamic Faces

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The Faces

Download one of the free faces below to test Excel Effects Dynamic Faces on your system.

Note: Any Resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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