Excel Effects Gender Analyzer

The Gender Analyzer or GA is a Microsoft Excel software tool that allows you to analyze data with dynamic graphics of people.  It is a perfect tool for gender-based studies.

Furthermore, the Gender Analyzer is easy to use and will set you apart from others.

Excel Effects - The Gender Analyzer

The Gender Analyzer Tool

Simply enter your male and female values directly, in the two boxes, or link to your values from another sheet. It is that simple and that versatile. With GA, advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel is not necessary. Just open the tool and type in your values, and watch the chart work.

Excel Effects - Gender Analyzer Tool

Sample Studies

Below are some sample studies created with GA.

The first sample depicts a study of smokers in the United States.  Basically, it is organized by the top twelve states and territories.  In this example, we show the overall percentages for our chart, which is highlighted at the bottom.  However, you may want to show the percentages for Guam or Tennessee.

Excel Effects - Gender Analyzer - Sample Study

This study shows the percentage of party identification between men and women.  It is based on the two major parties in the United States.

Excel Effects - Gender Analyzer Example

As you see, there is a lot of flexibility with GA.  It is up to you to determine how you want to use it.


Five scenarios
Label display
Input boxes
Resize, transform, and move

What You Get

The Gender Analyzer



Five Scenarios

Excel Effects - Female to male
Female to Male

Excel Effects - ga_female_to_female
Female to Female

 Excel Effects - ga_male_to_male
Male to Male

Excel Effects - ga_female

Excel Effects - ga_male

Making Comparisons

When making comparisons with GA, it does not have to be a person-to-person analysis.  You can compare groups, such as companies, teams, and institutions.

For example, you may want to compare the percentage of female to male smokers.  Or, the percentage of people in a company, by gender.  You can also perform singular comparisons, like the number of male professors in a particular state.

Basically, it is up to you to determine what kind of comparisons you want to perform.  GA is flexible enough to work with your study.

Input Boxes

Excel Effects - ga_input_boxes

With the input boxes, you can enter your values directly or link to another location.  Keep in mind; your value must be between 0 and 100, including decimals.  Basically, this is a chart based on percent, but you are entering the percent as a value.

Resize, Transform, Move

Excel Effects - ga_transform

We decided to make GA a chart where you can move individual pieces around.  This means, if you do not want the female on the left side, you can move it anywhere on the sheet.  The same goes for the male piece.

In addition, you can copy them into other applications as images or linked objects, when applicable.

Since the GA is essentially a chart, you can resize it without losing quality.  You can resize or rotate either piece, or both pieces together.  Furthermore, you can apply other effects, like shadows and borders.

Guess what? The chart remains intact even if you make basic modifications.  For example, if you rotate the chart, it still updates perfectly. This is why we call our creative analytics dynamic.


Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or compatible

Note: Make sure your Calculation Options are set on Automatic.
See Automatic Calculation in Microsoft Excel for assistance.

Download the Gender Analyzer

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