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Excel Effects - User Support CenterExcel Effects has a very small staff. However, we design a lot of stuff. Therefore, in our support center, we have tutorials, tips, and other instructions that you can find here.  Furthermore, we are always expanding our knowledge, which we update in our support documents.

Key Areas to Check Out

Below are some of the areas in Excel Effects where we utilize some of our expertise.  Within these areas, you can also find support information for a particularly product.

Dynamic Dashboards

Our dynamic dashboards and reporting tools provide you with the flexibility to present data to your audience in superb fashion.

Layouts and Designs

Excel Effects has many layouts and designs for spreadsheets and other supporting applications.  These tools enable you to incorporate creative analytics in your reporting.

Layouts and Designs

Excel Effects Articles

Our articles focuses on subjects related to data and topics in creative analytics.  In addition, we like to discuss ordinary stuff outside what you would see on Excel Effects.

Excel Effects Articles

Contact Support

Send us an email at support@exceleffects.com for any issues related to our software.

Quick Tips

Visit our training page for quick tips and training programs.

Stuck on Trial Version

If you are still using a trial version of our software, keep in mind, we update instructions and tips on the full versions.  Unless otherwise noted, instructions on the full versions of our software also apply to the trial versions.


If you want to contact us with any ideas or topics you think we need to cover, send us an email at info@exceleffects.com.

Remember, a good product or solution generally starts off with a good idea.

Support Contacts

Please utilize one of the emails below to contact us regarding software support issues.

Support: support@exceleffects.com
General: info@exceleffects.com

Snail Mail

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