Good Practices in Pie Chart Design

Good practices in pie chart design

Good Practices in Pie Chart Design is a data visualization style guide by Excel Effects that focuses on various aspects of pie chart design and how to use them in your work.  It comes as a PDF, for you to download.

The style guide is free!

Pie Charts Style Guide

Sample excerpts from good practices in pie chart design.

This style guide covered basic pie charts, including grayscale, black and white, and patterned pies.  In addition, legends, annotations, exploded pies, and special rules are discussed.

We include a special pie chart reporting tool in our complete package.

Pie Chart Reporting Tool

Dynamic Pie Chart Reporting Tool

As a extra bonus, we included a reporting tool that utilizes a dynamic pie chart that automatically updates when you make a selection from the years list or when the data changes.  Although it is not a completely automated tool, it is terrific.

For Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Easily Change the List Options

Pie chart reporting tool breakdown table.

To change or customize your list options, simply type in your new values in the row where the years are displayed in the breakdown table.  Your data can be of any type, such as names, numbers, animals types, etc.

When you make your changes, the list options are automatically updated.  Good stuff, huh!

Changing the Tool

Be careful making structural changes to the pie chart reporting tool, such as adding rows and columns.  Remember, we did not fully automate the report.  Therefore, the dynamic aspect of the report may not work properly after you make changes.

No Password Protection

There is no password protection with the pie chart reporting tool.  If you make a mistake trying to change the tool, we included a read-only version that you can open and save as another file.

Requirements for the Dynamic Pie Chart Reporting Tool

To use the dynamic pie chart reporting tool, you need the following application:

Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Companion Files

The companion files that come with this style guide include the following:

  • Excel file, containing 11 tabs of pie chart designs
  • PowerPoint file, containing 12 slides of pie chart designs
  • Sample pie chart report
  • Dynamic pie chart reporting tool


Feel free to download the style guide or the complete package.

Download the Style Guide (PDF)
Download the Style Guide, Companion Files, and Reporting Tool

Questions or Comments

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