Calculations Options in Microsoft Excel

This Small Shot shows you how to change calculation options in Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

The Steps

  1. Select Formulas from the menu
  2. Under the Calculation group, click Calculation Options
  3. Select either Automatic, Automatic Except for Data Tables, or Manual from the options list


Automatic Calculations

Setting calculation options to Automatic calculates the sheet every time it opens, upon saving, and each time you make an edit in the document.

Calculation Speed

If your workbook has huge amounts of data that formulas use in their calculations, then you may experience slower calculation speeds.  In addition, querying or accessing data from a web database can reduce calculation time.  Therefore, if you experience slow calculation speeds, you may need to change your calculation options to manual.


When setting calculation options to manual, press function key 9, or F9 in Windows to calculate the entire workbook.  Alternatively, click Calculate Sheet from the Calculation group, to calculate just the current sheet.

Stop Calculations

Press the Esc key to stop calculations that seem to be taking a long time. You may need to press Esc multiple times to stop the calculation.

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