Trend Analysis Report

Analyze data across specific periods of time, with the Trend Analysis Report, or TAR.
Note: TAR is based on United States regional settings. Download the free version to see if it works on your system.

Download full sample version of the TAR.

TAR Overview

Three sections make up the TAR—the overview, daily breakdown, and print version.  All three sections contain a navigation bar at the top of the page.

Overview Page

The Overview of the Excel Effects Trend Analysis Report provides a high-level summary of your performance.  Two modules make up the main portion of the overview, the graphical overview and the performance breakdown.  In addition, a snapshot section displays two mini graphical summaries based on individual time periods.

Here is a list of the different areas presented in the overview.

  1. Navigation bar
  2. Year selector
  3. Module controls
  4. Six-month snapshot summary
  5. Weekly snapshot summary
  6. Graphical summary
  7. Period selector
  8. Performance breakdown

We will discuss some of the main areas of the overview.

Year Selector

The year selector controls the entire overview.  After making a yearly selection, the entire overview updates automatically, including the graphical summary, breakdown, and snapshots.

Graphical Summary

The graphical overview is a visual summary based on the selections you make with the module controls.  Once you make a selection, the view is automatically updated.

Below are the features of the Excel Effects graphical overview.

  • Show average shows or hides the average line.
  • Show previous year shows or hides the previous year line.
  • The metric option updates the summary to display visits, orders, or sales.
  • The period shows a monthly, quarterly, or day of week view.
Performance Breakdown

With the performance breakdown, you get a deeper view of your activity, broken down by what you select in the Period.

Similarly, the period option provides the same options as the graphical summary—monthly, quarterly, or day or week.  In addition, you can display a different period in the graphical summary and a different period in the breakdown.

The Period option incorporates a degree of flexibility in your report.

Snapshot Summary

Our snapshots are two small charts, one displaying a six-month summary, the other a weekly summary.

Note: These two snapshots are controlled by the Year selector and the Metric options in the graphical summary.

Six-Month Summary
In the six-month summary, the snapshot chart displays your 1st half performance versus your 2nd half performance.

Weekly Summary
As for the weekly summary, average visits, orders, or sales is displayed. Therefore, the weekday is averaged for five days, and the weekend is averaged for two days.

Daily Breakdown

The daily breakdown provides an excellent view of your performance for each day.  Additionally, a weekly summary totals your performance by weekday and weekend.

All you need to do is select a Year and a Month and what the summary work.  It is that simple.

Print Version

The print version of TAR is designed for output on any printer.  It is based on whatever selections you make in the overview.

Working the Report

To get the report to work, you need data.  TAR has a data page for you to update your report.  Below is a partial view of the data page.

So, the main field is the Year, which every row should have.  Remember, the year selector controls the entire page for each section of the report.  Therefore, it makes sense to set it as the control column for our data.

Although we suggest to have all the columns populated, you may not have a Date, Day, Visits, Orders, or Sales.  However, it is expected to have a year and month.  Your report will only display the information you provide it.

There you have it!  The data controls everything.  Without it, the report will show you nothing.

The good part is that our sample report has a lot of data for you to play with.


Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or compatible.


Feel free to download a full sample version of TAR below.

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