Explode a Pie Piece in Microsoft Excel

This Small Shot shows you how to explode a single piece or slice of a pie chart in Microsoft Excel.

The Steps

  1. Click “once” on a blank area of one of the pie slices.  All of the slices should be selected.

  1. Click “once” on the slide you want to explode. Now, that slice should be the only one selected.

  1. Using your mouse, double-click on the selected slice.  In the Format Data Point dialog box, use the Point Explosion slider to set the separation percent and click Close.  In our case, we separate our slice by 25 percent.

There you have it, a nice, exploding pie slice.  Bon appetit!

The Shortcut

Repeat steps 1 and 2 from above.

  1. Instead of double-clicking, like you did above, click and drag the slice out.  This will separate the slice from the pie, with an arbitrary percentage.
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