How to Set Calculation Options in Microsoft Excel

Set calculation options in Microsoft Excel

As an Excel user, you may want to change how your sheets are calculated. In that case, follow these steps to set calculation options in Microsoft Excel. All instructions and shortcuts are based on Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher for Windows.

Calculation Options in Microsoft Excel

Before following the steps below, make sure you are in an active sheet. Otherwise, start a new sheet (Ctrl-N).

Calculation options in Microsoft Excel.

The steps.

  1. Display formulas ribbon.

    Click Formulas from the menu bar, which should display the formulas ribbon.

  2. Show calculation options.

    Under the formulas ribbon, click Calculation Options, located on the far right of the ribbon.

  3. Selection a calculation option.

    Finally, select either, Automatic, Automatic Except for Data Tables, or Manual.


Now, you know how to set calculation options in Microsoft Excel.

The Shortcut

In Excel, press function key 9 (or F9) to calculate a worksheet.

More Information

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