Show Developer Ribbon in Microsoft Excel

The developer ribbon is a key component for developing code and macros, and add-ins for Microsoft Excel and other applications.  It also allows you to insert form controls, and work with data outside of Excel.  This Small Shot shows you how to display the developer ribbon, which may not appear by default, in Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher.

The Steps

  1. Click File from the menu
  2. Select Options from the file options list

The Excel Options dialog box appears, as shown below…

  1. Select Customize Ribbon from Excel Options
  2. Check Developer under Main Tabs
  3. Click OK

Small Shots - Developer Ribbon | Excel Effects

There you have it! The Developer ribbon is now a part of the Microsoft Excel menu.

The Shortcut

If you have a right button on your mouse, right-click on any menu item at the top of the screen, and select Customize the Ribbon… from the shortcut menu.

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