Yearly Calendar Tool for Microsoft Excel

The yearly calendar tool is something that will last for a lifetime. Now, you can select from year 1900 to year 2400. It is a vintage app. Requirements Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.Note: See problems section below. Download Click on the button below to download the yearly calendar. Download Yearly Calendar Tool Overview […]

Gender Analyzer for Microsoft Excel

The Gender Analyzer (or GA) helps you compare data across genders. It is a creative tool. You can select from up to five scenarios. Requirements Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible. Download Click on the button below to download the GA. Download Size: 277 KB Gender Analyzer Overview The GA has five scenarios. You […]

Online Daily Report Dashboard for Excel

The Daily Report is a tool to help people analyze their performance online. It was initially a project for a cosmetics company. Overall, it took about three months to build. Problems During development of the Daily, we did not take into account international users. Therefore, this report may not work if your computer is not […]

Trend Analysis Report for Microsoft Excel

The Trend Analysis Report is a tool used to analyze data across specific periods of time. Based on its design, it is a dynamic dashboard. Going forward, we will refer to the Trend Analysis Report as TAR. To use TAR, make sure automatic calculations are set. Otherwise, you will need to manually update the dashboard […]

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